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Review Policy

We at SpaZense is the home to ‘Sensible Reviews & Reservations’ for spas & we religiously believe in the power of ‘Reviews’ in terms of the difference & impact it creates to the overall growth & development of any business & industry.

We value your Reviews & we ensure that as long as they are meaningful, they inevitably get featured on SpaZense.com

We request you to adhere to the following set of guidelines which would make your Review get viewed & heard by spas & our users:

1) What are the criteria for someone's reviews to appear by default on a page?

A user has to write a minimum of 5 reviews. This is so because most people who write fake reviews visit SpaZense.com, and then never come back again. Such reviews are hidden from the default view and are clubbed under the "Other Reviews" tab on a spa page.

After a user writes 5 reviews, the users’ profile is flagged for audit by our moderation team. Our team then looks for any signals (objectivity of reviews, user's behavioral signals, social signals from linked Facebook/Twitter/Blogger profiles) to decide if these reviews should show up in the default tab of a spa.

This is a highly subjective process & in order to keep the system streamlined, we are always towards the side of not approving more profiles than acceptable to our users.

2) What are the parameters used to detect fake reviews and spam on SpaZense?

In addition to techniques like IP address monitoring, frequency detection and text matching, SpaZense.com has developed clustering algorithms & advanced behavior detection to flag any reviews of being suspicious.

3) Can users report a review as spam/fake/suspicious?

Yes. The user can click on the ‘Report Spam’ tab button & can report a review as spam.

4) What kind of reviews are deleted from SpaZense?

Any review using/ containing abusive/ foul /obscene / offensive language is barred from getting featured on SpaZense.com

Also, our moderators delete reviews that clearly indicate personal grudge against a particular spa / spas - such reviews mostly include evidence that the reviewer has not even visited the spa premises & his comment on that spa is totally biased & is based on his/her friends’/professional networks’ feedback on a spa. For example, "I have heard this spa is not upto the mark, thought I have never been there”

In case you have a question which is not answered to, drop in one at reviews@spazense.com.

You never know you might be just thinking of a question which could represent a large part of the SpaZense.com users & might as well prove extremely beneficial to the spa fraternity.